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Tabular Summary

So, you’re probably interested in selecting an eLearning course for PRINCE2 Foundation. I’ve prepared this list with basic information about each course to make it easier for you.

Let’s begin with a tabular summary of all courses before going into details of each course. The table is ordered by a rough estimate of the footprint of the training organization on social media, but you can click on the header of any column to sort it based on that value.

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Company Name2017 EditionAuthor's NameDemoPriceRefundTime Limit (months)Video TypeCourse FormatExam SimulatorMobile Friendly?
ILXYesNAThere's a button on the top-right corner of the page for the demo.$950Up to 7 days12?Flash (?)YesThrough a mobile app (?)
Management PlazaYesFrank TurleyFirst 30% of the course$475Up to 30 days, if the user is in the first 30% of the course.12PresenterHTML5YesYes
The Knowledge AcademyYesNAOnly available by request$455No3????
SimplilearnYesNAIn the "course syllabus" section$797Up to 7 days, while the user is in the first 25% of the course and has not downloaded the ebook.6VoiceoverHTML5YesYes
Knowledge TrainYesSimon BuehringHere$558Up to 7 days, if the user has not logged in. 12VoiceoverHTML5YesYes
Training ByteSizeYesNAHere$715Up to 2 days, with undisclosed conditions.12VoiceoverFlash?No
ProjStudy?NAClick on the "videos" row heading$533No?3PresenterHTML5?Yes
Matthew Cabot???$481??????

The last update: 2019/06/19

About the Table

I’ve converted all prices to USD. The price includes both the eLearning course and the official PRINCE2 Foundation exam voucher.

I’ve only listed the original course providers and not the resellers, and it’s only the self-paced eLearning courses, not live or classroom courses. I’ve excluded courses that do not seem to be aligned with the certification program; e.g., the Lynda course, because it’s only 2.5 hours of video (equal to a little less than a day of classroom course) for the combination of Foundation and Practitioner levels, while these two are supposed to be delivered in 5 days instead of 1.

Lastly, I’ve tried to be accurate, but I may have made some mistakes, and some information may have changed since the last time I’ve checked. So, make sure you check everything yourself.

What about Ranking?

I didn’t want to rank the courses, because it’s not possible to provide a completely objective ranking. The best option for one person is not necessarily the best for everyone. I suggest checking out the demos and prices to make your decision.

Review of the Courses

OK, let’s go through the existing courses and take a look at each one.

I could add only courses that have demos; that’s why you don’t see some of the providers listed on the table. Furthermore, some of the providers that mention demos seem to have difficulties and I couldn’t check out their demos, even after registering and giving them all my personal information! So, here you are, the 6 courses that I could check out:



Price: ~$950

The ILX eLearning course is the most expensive one, probably because ILX is very famous and many people trust them.

The course is an old-fashioned type of eLearning course, with slides and animations, and the voiceover of a professional narrator (a very warm voice I should confess).  This is in fact what most people think of when they hear the phrase “eLearning course”, and reminds them of the time they received an email from the training manager of their company, saying that this is your new course, go and learn PRINCE2.

They are one of the most successful companies in this domain, which probably means that this type of training is acceptable for learners, but I personally prefer to see more dynamic, live, friendly types of training that use today’s capacities of the web.

More information on their website

Management Plaza

Price: ~$475

Management Plaza’s PRINCE2 eLearning course uses a modern delivery approach and a few additional resources such as educational games and integrated flashcards. Most importantly, the first 30% of their course is free and available even without registering on their website.

To my surprise, Management Plaza’s course is the only one that uses contemporary technologies and approaches to eLearning courses: one where you can have a relatively personal connection with the trainer and see visuals that help your understanding, rather than summarizing what the presenter is saying. I clearly remember another PRINCE2 eLearning provider with the same approach, but it’s not available anymore after the 2017 update (or maybe I can’t fine them).

Compared to many other training organizations in this list, Management Plaza has a very limited number of courses, and PRINCE2 seems to be their main product.

More information on their website


Price: ~797

Simplilearn’s course is also relatively old-fashioned, with slides and voiceover, and is the second most expensive course in the list.

They offer a very large number of courses, and something interesting is that they have created bundles of certification courses and normal courses that work like learning paths toward certain careers.

More information on their website

Knowledge Train

Price: ~558

The eLearning course from Knowledge Train has many similarities with the one from ILX; the same slide based voiceover course with a warm, professional voice of a narrator. One difference, though, is that the topics are broken down into many more sections, which can make it easier to browse through them to review or find the areas that you have problems with. Some sections are animated videos, some are only text, and some are additional content such as quizzes.

More information on their website

PM Partners

Price: ~$695

This eLearning course is called PRINCE2 Passport and is a generic course that is sold by many training organizations. I don’t know if PM Partners is the main provider or just a reseller though.

Regardless, the course is flash-based, and therefore, there may be problems for tablets and other mobile devices. The structure is old-fashioned, but there’s still a presenter on the screen, which is more common in modern eLearning courses such as that of Management Plaza. The differentiating factor is that the visuals on the screen are mainly text-based summaries of what the presenter is saying, rather than independent elements that help make the presenter’s points clearer.

The other thing about this course is its alignment with the latest version of PRINCE2. It’s not mentioned in the website, but I think it’s not updated for PRINCE2 2017, because the course looks much older than that, and also, I remember seeing this course before the PRINCE2 update. So, if you want to take this course, I suggest contacting them and making sure that it’s up to date.

More information on their website

Training ByteSize

Price: ~$715

This is another flash-based eLearning course. First I thought it can’t be updated for the 2017 edition of PRINCE2, believing that no one uses Flash in 2017/2018, but the website says that it is aligned with the 2017 version.

Here we have the usual slides and voiceover, but I personally don’t find the narrator’s voice as pleasant as those of ILX, Knowledge Train, and Simplilearn.

More information on their website



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  5. mustapha el oudghiri on February 26, 2018 at 6:38 am

    I did my Prince2 and Prince2 Agile with Mplaza and can assure that the quality of learning with them is far ahead of other elearning platforms

    10/10 – would recommend!

  6. simon on November 5, 2018 at 4:56 am

    Your data is out of date. You are mis-representing Knowledge Train’s course. The details are as follows:
    2017: yes
    Author: Simon Buehring
    Refund: Yes (see terms and conditions page)
    Video type: Voiceover
    Course format: HTML5
    Exam simulator: Yes
    Mobile friendly: Yes
    Online support: Yes
    LinkedIn Footprint: What does that mean?

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